Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I must be the odd one because....

                After watching the news and reading commentators I’ve come to an inescapable conclusion about myself;  I’m a weirdo.  That’s right, I’m apparently the only person in the world who’s been raised Catholic who has never been molested by a priest, I’m not wracked with crushing religious guilt, I’m not bitter about some aspect of my childhood religious experience, I don’t endlessly preach to everyone I meet, and I don’t agree with everything I’m told like some mindless robotic voter.  Apparently it’s true, I’m the weirdo.
                I’m not sure what’s made me such an oddball.  Turn on the TV, read a blog, read the newspaper, listen to the talk radio.  All I hear is that every Catholic in the world has had a horrible childhood religious experience.  They can’t enjoy life today because their fragile little minds have been warped by evil men who prey on vulnerable children.  O’h and let’s not forget how the Catholic church is trying to take over the world in some corrupt new world order under a single government run by a secret society.  Yup, no secret there, the Catholic Church is a horribly guilty guilty guilty organization.
                I wonder why I’m so weird.  Is there some hope for me to join the ranks of the eternally guilty and miserable self loathing Catholics?  I hope not, I kind of like being the odd one.  I’m a very well adjusted person who’s happy and content with life.  I actually enjoy going to church every week.  I’ve volunteered for church activities.  I find the time to pray and be thankful for what god’s world has provided for me.  My childhood religious experience, while apparently odd and unprecedented, can only be described as rewarding and enjoyable. 
                I missed out.  Thank you god, I prefer it this way.  You don’t have to send anyone down here to fix the situation that apparently makes me so weird.  I’m quite happy the way I am. 

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  1. OMG Dan I never realized what a freak you are...... WOW... Really? How do you go on everyday like that? j/k I'm with ya bro!