Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I think we can forget about those 3 points now

When I first read the tournament results from the 2011 NOVA open my first thought was "AGAIN!"  In case you haven't heard Tony Kopach won it again.  I can hardly blame you if the name doesn't ring a bell.  After all these games aren't on ESPN and not everyone follows tournament results.  He is the 17 year old kid who won* the NOVA open last year and the Adepticon Nationals this year.  He is also the one who won last year's NOVA open with a list that was 3 points over.

At this point mentioning those 3 points is old news.  He fully redeemed himself at Adepticon by proving he can earn a solid highly competitive tournament win.  Yet those 3 points are a fact and this win should finally put that controversy to rest.  Continued bitchen about these 3 points is nothing more than jealousy and useless ranting.  The simple fact is he went 8-0 with 16 total "perfect" games at both the NOVA open and Adepticon vrs the best competition in the world.  He had 24 "perfect" games if you include last years NOVA open.

The only thing I have left to say is, "Congratulations Tony Kopach, you're the best 40K player in the world today".

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