Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thank you GW but it's not enough

It's been a well known fact for well over a year now that the Sisters of Battle were going to be given a White Dwarf update.  We never knew exactly when but we knew that is was going to happen.  Rumors (God I hate them) were inaccurate as always and the end result seems to be a lackluster effort.  Allow me to explain.
Before the rumor of the WD Sisters codex update was leaked to us the staff of GW were working on it for almost a year.  That leaves the finished result that is being printed in White Dwarf the end result of a 2 1/2 to 3 year effort.  Please pardon my pessimism but I honestly can't call the finished product a productive use of designer time.  That's more than enough time to design, playtest, and print a fully finished codex.  I won't question the end result of the update but I am going to question the intention to publish a half finished effort.
Yes, I'm a critic.  Yes, I've been an anti GW rant lately.  No I'm not being unfair.  If you're going through all the effort to make a new codex why on earth would you stop halfway through the project and publish something that's going to be replaced in less than a full year?

So now that I've said my peace allow me to contradict myself.  This update makes White Dwarf worth it's purchase price.  It also refreshes an army list that is old and years out of date from the edition it was written for.

Now that it's out I sort of wish GW would do the same for the Tau, Dark Angels and Black Templars.  If they started now they could probably have all three ready and published before the end of the year.  In fact I'd be perfectly happy if GW never printed another codex again and instead relied upon White Dwarf updates.  If every issue had an update to one of their armies it would make White Dwarf relevant again.

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